Terms of Use for Dominando Cripto Website

Dominando Cripto Terms of Use:

Bem-vindo à Dominando Cripto, a sua plataforma líder em análise avançada e ciência de dados para o universo das criptomoedas. Ao se envolver conosco, é imperativo que compreenda e concorde com os seguintes termos detalhados:

Your Agreement:

By accessing our services, a contractual relationship is established between you and Dominando Cripto. This agreement governs your use of the platform, outlining responsibilities and rights.

Intellectual Property Rights:

All intellectual assets offered by Dominando Cripto, including analyses, data, and software, are the exclusive property of the platform. You are granted a limited license for use, but ownership remains with us.

Grant of Rights:

Through this, Dominando Cripto grants you a restricted, non-exclusive license to access and use the resources available on our platform, as specified in these terms.

Ownership; Reservation of Rights:

Dominando Cripto fully reserves intellectual property rights not expressly granted in this agreement. This realm of knowledge is carefully maintained and protected.

User Registration:

By registering, you commit to providing accurate and up-to-date information. Authentication is done through Google, and Dominando Cripto does not have access or control over your data. Confidentiality of your credentials is essential for ensuring a secure and personalized experience.


To preserve the integrity of our platform, reverse engineering, decompilation, or any unauthorized modification of Dominando Criptos technical components is prohibited.

Usage Restrictions:

Platform usage is strictly conditioned upon compliance with applicable laws. Illegal, fraudulent, or harmful activities are explicitly prohibited.

Data Provided in Analysis:

Dominando Cripto provides advanced analyses and data, but we cannot guarantee the total accuracy or currency of this information. The use of these resources implies acceptance of this limitation.

Resale and Use Restriction of Indicators:

The indicators provided by Dominando Cripto are valuable tools, and their resale or unauthorized use is strictly prohibited.We preserve the exclusivity of our analytical tools.Users who resell indicators and related information without proper communication will have their license blocked, and usage will be restricted. If you wish to use the indicators for commercial purposes, please contact support!

Rewards and Referral Program:

By participating in the CryptoInsiders program, you commit to following the guidelines established by Dominando Cripto.Compliance with these guidelines is crucial for eligibility for rewards.

User - Generated Contributions:

When you contribute content, you grant Dominando Cripto the right to use, modify, and distribute your contributions.Maintain respect and accuracy in your contributions.

Requirements to be a CriptoInsiders:

The criteria for becoming an indicator are set by Dominando Cripto and may be adjusted periodically in its official form.Be aware of the constantly evolving requirements.

Requirements to be a CriptoInsiders:

The CriptoInsiders status is conferred based on rigorous criteria defined by Dominando Cripto, such as experience in the financial and cryptocurrency markets and a profile of content sharing and analysis.Stay updated with these requirements.

Representations on Behalf of Dominando Cripto:

Making representations on behalf of Dominando Cripto without authorization is strictly prohibited.Ensure you act in accordance with the platform`s interests and guidelines. Contact us for partnerships or to request representations.

How to Earn with the Rewards Program:

The rewards program offers exclusive opportunities, but it is crucial to understand and follow the guidelines detailed by Dominando Cripto to ensure effective participation.Currently, only CriptoInsiders have access to the rewards program.

Customer / User - Generated Content:

User - generated content is valuable, but users are responsible for the accuracy and impact of their contributions.Preserve the integrity and relevance of the content.

Third - Party Sites and Content:

Dominando Cripto does not have advertisements or any form of third - party content.Be cautious if the site has any ads on its homepage or financial advice.Dominando Cripto is not responsible for third - party sites or content linked to the platform.Exercise caution when exploring these external resources.

Code of Conduct:

A respectful and collaborative environment is essential.All users must adhere to the code of conduct established to maintain quality and harmony in the community.We follow the principles of Integrity, Data Protection Law, and market compliance best practices to ensure a comfortable, confidential, and respectful environment for all users.

Payment terms:

If the use of additional services requires payment, the financial terms will be specified by Dominando Cripto.Be aware of the associated obligations.Currently, Dominando Cripto offers various indicators and analyses for free, but certain indicators are linked to a professional license with monthly or annual payments.All payments for Dominando Cripto are processed by Stripe, a leading global online payment company.All payment data is controlled by Stripe, and Dominando Cripto does not have access to users personal data.

Term and Termination:

This agreement remains in effect until terminated by you or Dominando Cripto.Termination terms are detailed to ensure an efficient transition.For the Professional license, Dominando Cripto offers a 3 - day free trial to access all platform features, and the license can be canceled within this period without any charges.

Modifications and Interruptions:

Dominando Cripto reserves the right to modify, discontinue, or update the platform, ensuring proper notification when applicable.We will notify in advance when possible for platform interruptions for updates or any technical needs.

Site Monitoring:

The platform is monitored to ensure compliance with these terms and applicable laws.This monitoring contributes to the security and quality of the user experience.


No Investment Advice. The information provided on this site does not constitute investment advice, financial advice, business advice, or any other type of advice, and you should not treat any content on the site as such.Dominando Cripto does not recommend buying, selling, or holding any cryptocurrency.Conduct your own diligence and consult your financial advisor before making any investment decisions.

Contact Us

For clarifications or additional questions, please contact us using the information provided on the Dominando Cripto platform.We are here to assist you on your cryptographic journey.


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