CryptoTrend Explorer represents a revolution in the field of cryptocurrency market analysis, offering traders an advanced visual approach that outperforms traditional single time frame charts and indicators. This indicator provides a wide range of technical indicators and derivatives, considerably simplifying traders lives.

One of the key differentiators of CryptoTrend Explorer is CryptoTrend Explorer 3D, a remarkable innovation that introduces an additional dimension to the Z-axis. This means that traders can now gain deeper and more comprehensive insights, covering an impressive range of the top 500 cryptocurrencies. Importantly, the data is aggregated from various exchanges, providing a more complete and accurate view of the cryptocurrency market.

In addition, the data is automatically updated every 1 minute, ensuring that traders have access to the latest information. With CryptoTrend Explorer, traders have at their disposal advanced tools that instill confidence in exploring the cryptocurrency universe. This helps them identify trends, opportunities and insights that would otherwise be difficult to capture.