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Using data science, we extract valuable information from cryptocurrency derivatives data and create unique and accurate indicators. Take a look at our charts, which include Liquidation Levels, Aggregate Open Interest, CVD and much more.

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Dominando Cripto stands out for offering the most powerful Liquidations Levels on the market. This is due to the fact that we aggregate data from 11 different exchanges, providing a comprehensive overview of liquidity information. Our liquidity levels are characterized by a remarkable accuracy rate, allowing you to make more informed and accurate investment decisions. Rely on our platform for high-performance liquidity analysis.

Identify "magnetic zones" of liquidations

Discover liquid zones in a personalized way with our tailor-made indicators and powerful formulas for an in-depth understanding of the behavior of top traders in the derivatives market. Whether its Liquidity Zone analysis or a series of formulas calculated from data such as Open Interest, Top Trader Long Short Ratio, Funding Rate, Net Position, among others, our platform offers a detailed and accurate view to help you navigate the complex derivatives landscape with confidence.

Understand the involvement of traders in the derivatives market

Explore custom, innovative, and never-before-seen charts filled with a wealth of derivative data to decipher market sentiment. From heatmaps to revolutionary formulas and detailed profile analysis, our platform provides unique features to deliver unparalleled insights. Take a step forward in understanding the derivatives market with our state-of-the-art analytical tools.