Our platform carefully selects the best on-chain indicators, providing a unique view of user behavior on blockchain networks and delivering valuable and powerful insights for your investment decisions. Discover our charts, which include Accumulation and Distribution of Addresses, MVRV, Coin Days Destroyed (CDD) and much more.

Understand whether traders are in profit or loss

Analyze the behavior of short- and long-term investors and find out whether their strategies are making a profit or a loss. Also, find out whether they are accumulating or distributing their coins, stay ahead of market trends and make smart decisions to ensure the success of your investments.

Understand the behavior of miners.

Enter the complex world of cryptocurrency mining. We offer you the opportunity to deepen your understanding of miner behavior, allowing you to accurately detect whether they are acquiring or liquidating coins. In addition, we have a wide range of miner indicators at your disposal.

Find out if long-term investors are taking action

Explore the movements of the biggest investors, the real market players. Analyze whether previously dormant currencies are now in circulation and detect potential changes in market dynamics. Also, keep a close eye on the movement of the largest wallets (whales) to determine whether they are in the process of accumulating or distributing assets.